Becoming A Successful SEO Reseller The Five Steps You Need To Know

Learning the seo trade

It may not surprise you to learn that 93% of all computer users begin their online sessions by using a search engine. But did you know that three quarters of people who search online never venture beyond the first page of results? And those listings, referred to as “organic”, are known to generate sales leads from the estimated 70-80% of users who simply ignore the paid ads.

So it’s no wonder that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an integral part of online marketing. It’s a far less expensive way to create leads – 61% cheaper than using traditional methods such as direct mail and cold calling. And, those leads have a much higher close rate (14.6% versus 1.7% for leads generated by outbound methods).

Businesses have found success using expert SEO resellers to enhance their online marketing and web site designs in ways that will insure presence on that all-important first page of search results and as near the top as possible. It’s important to keep in mind that the very first listing on the page garners 33% of the traffic. And the lower positions are progressively far less successful.

Are you interested in learning the SEO trade? Reseller income can be substantial for those who are willing to do what it takes to be successful. Essentially, there are 5 steps to SEO reselling.

First, remember that you need to be viewed as an expert – someone who sees the problems and finds a way to solve them. Before you meet with a potential client, make sure you’ve learned everything possible about the company, its products or services and the customers it’s trying to reach. You’ll need to have researched how their results compare with those of the competition.

It will be your job to lay out a path to getting your client the optimal search results. Discuss and set specific, realistic goals and a deadline that’s challenging but not overwhelming. Remember to emphasize the results they’re getting now so there will be a basis for comparison.

Another of the 5 steps to SEO reselling is to cover not only the positives but any possible negatives. That’s because your customer will already have thought of them, and it’s best to bring them out into the open so you can combat any possible objections.

Before you go to that first meeting, compare yourself to your competition. How are your prices relative to theirs? If you’re the most expensive, can you justify why? Again, it’s best to be prepared regarding this issue, because your customer will most likely check before making a commitment.

And last, make sure that whatever results you tell the client to expect are precise and attainable. Remember that you’ll be seen as the trusted SEO expert by people who know next to nothing about what you’re doing.

5 steps to SEO reselling; simple, yet all so crucial to your success.

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