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Becoming A Successful SEO Reseller The Five Steps You Need To Know

Learning the seo trade

It may not surprise you to learn that 93% of all computer users begin their online sessions by using a search engine. But did you know that three quarters of people who search online never venture beyond the first page of results? And those listings, referred to as “organic”, are known to generate sales leads from the estimated 70-80% of users who simply ignore the paid ads.

So it’s no wonder that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an integral part of online marketing. It’s a far less expensive way to create leads – 61% cheaper than using traditional methods such as direct mail and cold calling. And, those leads have a much higher close rate (14.6% versus 1.7% for leads genera Continue reading Becoming A Successful SEO Reseller The Five Steps You Need To Know

SEO reseller approaches

The growing popularity of search engine optimization (SEO) resale services reflects the transformation of the global e-commerce economy from that of small business practice to that of outsource operations.  The value added found in SEO reseller services in cost savings from scaled back internal operations, and expansion of channel marketing reach makes such outsourcing partnerships a vital tool for many companies attempting to grow their business online. Advertising strategies such as cross-selling and upstream marketing of a brand stand to increase niche market visibility, and are available to clients as part of SEO reseller all-in-one packaged services. As part of this integrated marketing approach, many SEO resellers now offer both private label and white label SEO reseller services to clients.

Private Label SEO Reseller Approaches

Most private label SEO reseller approaches are categorized as organic SEO strategies. Dissemination of organic search rankings from digital advertising is often broken down into ‘local’ and ‘global’ segments of comparative analysis for better interpretation of competitive results. A more aggressive private label SEO reseller approach can be forged by way of customized solutions developed for clients with unique needs and market demands in mind. Custom solutions in the form of keyword optimization of a website or linked publication content on authority sites fulfills the promise of a brand’s identity as a force in the online marketplace.

Custom SEM Services integrate search marketing strategies as part of a broader campaign that may include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and email marketing components. Conversion optimization is the ultimate goal for clients. If SEO resellers can convert more visitors into customers through a private label campaign than an in-house strategy, chances are the reseller relationship will continue to be better value for money. Moreover, the benefits of online reputation management, say marketing professionals, are undeniable. Clients wanting to establish or improve their existing online reputation through social channels will find an agile resource in a SEO resale operations, which invest heavily in the technology and expert knowledge required to dominate in the competitive field of SEO channel marketing.

White Label SEO Reseller Approaches

The marketing of white label campaigns has part of the SEO reseller toolkit makes good sense. White label SEO reseller approaches use methods such as keyword rich domain strategies, site sharing or co-hosted content, Co-branded affiliate sites, and third-party agreements to generate business on behalf of an e-commerce client.

The implementation of a keyword rich domain strategy as part of an integrated marketing campaign is compatible with private label SEO reseller approaches which depend on location. The keyword rich domain method distributes content across an entire channel of market placement. Keyword rich domains target a market more globally, yet with the same competitive terms as a narrowly defined channel strategy.

Keyword rich strategies enhance algorithm efficiency affecting SEO performance. The approach does a good job of capturing first page ranking while simultaneously differentiating between linked or back-linked domains regardless of exact term matching. Rank improvement is the result. The approach is most effective where brand name is separate from main domain name.

Site sharing and co-hosted content approaches rely on the efficacy of other advertisers to produce higher performance rankings. SEO reseller approaches that use site sharing as part of client marketing campaign strategy advertise a brand in a subsection of a popular site associated with the image of the brand. Conversion from site sharing may generate thousands of observations that might otherwise not be seen. Co-hosted site shared ad content is an approach managed by way of a controlled anchor text. The co-hosted approaches employ a shared dashboard with partner advertisers, and can boost performance figure results at a critical time in a campaign when other collateral is underperforming.

Co-branded affiliate sites mobilize a client’s main domain name and create direct links between the brand and the affiliate. The goal is link equity on conversion. Tagging is the key to this approach. Co-branded content is tagged to avoid page duplication.

Third party SEO white label agreements are a popular B2B approach used by SEO resellers. The ideas is that the client brand will capitalize on consumer facing brands of the same market segment, without spending significant marketing budget on additional branding. Some third-party campaign affiliates elect to set up redirect links within the footer of the lead advertiser site to ensure monitoring of a current marketing strategy is to their benefit.

This approach enables a company to change course during periods of underperformance. After a SEO ad campaign is already underway, benchmark reporting serves as the main point of reference for building new values into an online marketing strategy. Continuous tracking of benchmark performance controls for poor performance of ad content in the interest of conversion.


The benefits of SEO reseller approaches to e-commerce business marketing are evident. As the competition for effectiveness and efficiency in the digital advertising marketplace transforms, it is likely that so too will the approaches making up outsource SEO services.

The SEO Reseller Strategy Advantage

Google Algo 2015 05 12What do you really need to know to outsource your SEO properly?  Well, there are a few things that you should already know.  One of those things is that day by day, the internet is becoming a bigger part of our lives.  The second common sense thing about this is that the internet will be around for many years to come.

How do you think Americans spend their time online?  Recently, there was a study conducted that showed we spend an average of 23 minutes each day searching for thing online.  Now, to you – as a business – this shows that the SEO reseller business is gaining in importance on a daily basis.  SEO is simply the ways that are used in order to optimize your website so that it will be found by the search engines.  This is something that it is necessary to have in your marketing arsenal.

There are many things to think about when you are trying to decide whether you will outsource SEO or if you will do it in-house.  Here are some of the most common ones.

Criteria for Finding a Great SEO Reseller for Your Business

If you are outsourcing your SEO then you will need to find a good SEO reseller.  To do that you will need to ask the right questions.  You will also need to interview at least 3 different resellers and while you are doing this, take a good look at their SEO reseller program to make sure that they offer all of the SEO services that you need.  Keep in mind that not all SEO resellers are equal.

Here are a few questions that you should ask in the interviewing process.

  • How is the success of a campaign measured?
  • What is the methodology used in creating content for SEO purposes?
  • What is your approach to white label SEO?
  • What does the initial SEO include and then what services will be provided on a month to month basis?
  • Can you guarantee that your methods will produce results and what specific guarantees will you offer?

Also make sure to ask for and then check references.

When it Goes Wrong

Even the best SEO reseller plan can sometimes go wrong.  What happens in cases like this?  Also, what are some of the advantages of this?


  • When you hire an SEO reseller they can start right away and can bring years of experience to the table.
  • SEO is not something that you do one time and then forget about.  It needs to be maintained and it can be an incredibly easy thing to fall behind and let it get outdated.  When you hire an SEO reseller keeping it up to date and relevant becomes their concern.
  • Good search engine optimization is something that requires experience and knowledge.  While it isn’t difficult, the practices do take time to tailor and this also takes a bit of talent.  You will need to be able to make analysis, write content, be a developer, and be able to build links organically.  Can you wear all of those hats?  SEO reseller teams have people designated for each of those roles.
  • Outsourcing SEO means that you have the time you need to focus on your business instead of trying to figure out what to post, where to post it and how to post it.
  • Hiring someone to handle your SEO can actually allow for you to see your business with fresh, unjaded eyes.  This can lead to new insights and fresh ideas.


  • You know your customers and what they look for, what keywords or phrases they use.  Outsourcing means that there will be a learning curve for the SEO reseller for them to get a good understanding of your business and your clients.
  • Nobody will have the passion for your business that you do.  This doesn’t mean that outsourcing will not be a success, it just means that you will need to work with the reseller in order to overcome that passion factor.
  • Believe it or not, bad SEO could mean the death of your business.  This is where it could all go wrong.  Keep in mind that just because a particular SEO reseller is cheaper than the rest, that doesn’t mean they are better.  In fact, it means that there is a greater chance that those services will be further outsourced to non-native English speaking countries.  This is a critical error.  If someone who is not a native speaker of the language that your business speaks then it will be readily apparent to your clients.  It will make your business look bad and could be the end.

In short, SEO is not a hard thing to do.  However, it is time and energy consuming.  An SEO reseller will know exactly what practices to use and how to use them to your best advantage.   Put one to work for your company now.

Finding the SEO Reseller to make your website sing

Search Engine Optimization has been around since 1995.  Originally, in the maverick world of the early internet, SEO was only alphabetical, making the process easy and doable for anyone willing to take a stab at it.   However, over time it has morphed and changed and as the capacity to establish appropriate search results has become increasingly accurate, the SEO devices have become more complex.  In addition, the rules for SEO optimization shift and change on a monthly basis.   It has become the territory of the professional who studies the shifting sands like tarot readers at a psychic fair.   Now creating brand-able SEO has become something between art, science and chess-like strategy.  Thus, the niche industry of White label SEO companies or SEO resellers was created (see for example).  But along with the specialists, there are those who bring a lesser product.
Professional SEO resellers come into play with the ability and knowledge to juggle: current SEO methodology, the life cycle of a operation and a campaign that can be implemented and executed in a timely manner and creating a long term relationship that retains the ability to analyze and alter and adapt as needed.
In choosing the right SEO reseller, several criteria should addressed when creating the slick word lipstick that is effective for your agency, that enhances your brand and solidifies your standing in the internet market place.
SEO resellers should be able to communicate effectively.   The reseller should have the ability to analyze and determine the needs, values and requirements of the client and expedite the optimizing campaign in a timely fashion.
The choices and criteria can sometimes be daunting.   Just navigating the right blend of backlinks, ranking recovery, Post Penguin link building, and expansion into social media, can be problematic without qualified help.
Using white label software can allow SEO professionals the platform and the ability to focus on business aspects can ensure the requested results.
According to the Wall Street Journal, many small businesses complain that they pay for services that are unproductive.
Outsourcing to the right SEO reseller can make a difference.  A number of steps in sequence create a marketing plan that can drive business and redefine the character of your site.  Although budget in any business is vital, it’s important to balance saving money versus buying quality that lasts and does a superior job of placing your site in a position to bring in good business.
A worthy plan should begin with a website audit that analyzes the website’s ranking.   This aids the SEO reseller team with the statistics so that a strong multi-purpose campaign can be created and implemented.
Packages vary, but some of the keys aspects could include title tags, directory listings, URLs, infographics, and metadata.   By using detailed product and review information, authors, and calendar listings you can be eligible for Google’s Rich snippets.
If Google Rich Content is the prom princess of SEO marketing, content creation is the elegant queen of all the ways to establish quality online visibility.  Quality Content marketing attracts inbound links, by using Blog posts, press releases and articles.  It brings clients back again and again with timely interests and a ‘ what will happen next’ attitude.
Another feature should be the summary of your campaign along with regular progress reports and the strategy for the next cycle of the campaign.
Outsourced SEO may target different kinds of search, including:  industry specific, image, video, news and some, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.
One of the downsides to be aware of is the possibility of SEO fraud.   Sometimes a group poses as an internet marketing reseller; after payment is received no services are provided.   Due diligence about the various companies that would be your perspective SEO reseller can save hundreds of dollars.  Otherwise you might spend money with no return.
Overuse of automated software and tools can result in poor quality links which can induce a Google penalty.   This is a case of more isn’t necessarily better, mass link building can trigger a Google penalty which can cost additional time and money.
Content that is spun from multiple sources can also cause issues with poor grammar and information that is unreadable and unintelligent.   SEO resellers who don’t understand your product or service don’t serve you well either, as they can misrepresent your branding.
Many SEO resellers are located in foreign countries. This can cause not only a communication problem with lack of understand of the language that the work needs to be written.   Subtleties in language can create SEO detours.   Work from foreign countries can also result in scheduling problems and communication delays.
When looking for an SEO reseller, look at the solid business practices, like what when the company was founded, what kind of revenue, how many fulltime employees they have working with them, what is their retention rate is.


Best SEO Reseller in 2015

The best SEO reseller in 2015 recognizes that Google has changed. There have been numerous updates and white label seo programs need to keep up with the times. This means that the link building they did in 2012 is not appropriate in 2016. Unfortunately, not all reselling organizations have gotten the memo (also called white label SEO). So when you select the right outsourced SEO partner, be sure to ask the right questions and get clear answers. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of a search engine update.

Leading SEO Reseller News

Researching the Internet can be quite rewarding, and then again it can be really bad. That is because there is a ton of bad stuff out there.  You want to learn SEO from people who put out great visual learning tools.

In no field is it worse than in SEO. Specifically, the people writing about search engine optimization know how to rank things. This often means they can rank lower quality information – exactly what Google does NOT want.

Here is some good stuff from some experts in the SEO field:

You can tell from the quality of their YouTube Channel, these guys are a strong SEO reseller.

Learn from a University with a great Internet Marketing reputation. Get solid facts and techniques that will help your clients.

Find a leading SEO blog and if possible, call the SEO expert directly to see if you can chat. There is nothing better than a real conversation with questions and answers.

As you learn from these guys. Try to do your own research and experimentation to make sure what you are hearing is true. Validate everything yourself.

4 Ways To Pick An SEO Reseller

Google Algo 2015 05 12Running a website is a nice step for bringing in new clients and online customers, but it no longer is enough. In order to boost the online stronghold and to climb up the search engine ladder, knowing a substantial amount about SEO (search engine optimization) is a must. To do this though, it can take years to completely comprehend what is going on and how small changes on the website can impact the the way other people come in contact with the website. To do this, it is all about seeking out a professional SEO reseller. These resellers can drastically boost search engine appearance and bring in hundreds, if not thousands of more visitors every single month (hundreds of thousands, for the more popular websites). This makes it one of the most worth wild online investments out there. You just need to figure out the best way to select an SEO reseller over the other service providers out there. This is a list of four ways to pick an SEO reseller and make sure you land the best provider for your money.

What Services are Provided?

When talking with a service provider, you need to find out what services are provided. There are some who are going to charge per service while others who just give you a flat rate for everything. You want to go with the individual who does it all. You don’t know what your website needs to boost SEO, and truth be told, your reseller is not going to know what your website needs either. They will have a good idea after going through it, but by then you are already under contract. This means you might end up paying far more to add on certain services and you might never actually truly realize how great your SEO can be unless you have everything done to it that can be done. So, instead of paying for every little service, go with the provider who offers it all and is going to do everything they can to make sure you improve your search engine rank.

Past Clients

Ask about past clients. You want to have contact information with other clients who have used the SEO reseller in the past. This way you can call them up and talk about what sort of improvements were made and how their business improved bad on the assistance the service provider offered up. You can find out if they provided help after they made the initial changes or if they simply cut the company loose and that was it. All of this is important information to find out. If a reseller is not willing to provide you with client information, you need to look elsewhere. They might try to mask it as a client confidentiality agreement sort of thing, but most businesses who receive beneficial services are more than happy to talk about a reseller that helped grow their business. A lack of these kinds of references means they are either just starting out or really don’t have these kinds of references.

Look at the States

Some service providers are going to chime off about reaching the top spot in a search engine result. While this is good, it doesn’t paint out the entire store. Some websites are just not going to reach the top spot and there is nothing that can be done about it. If a news website wants to boost its SEO, chances are it is not going to reach the top search engine spot, but it can drastically boost its SEO and visitor numbers. Plus, an SEO reseller might be helping out a company that already was in the top five and then reached the top spot. This takes minimal changes and so the reseller really is not doing a whole lot to improve it. Instead, looking at total improvements and the percentage of improvement is the best way to determine results.

Certified Service Provider

This is a perk that is nice. It isn’t a must but it shows someone really knows how to work with a particular program. Google provides all sorts of different certifications, and while there isn’t a traditional SEO certification from the company as the company does not let others know about its coding and algorithm practices, it does provide certifications in the programming it offers and even with its mobile operating system. This way, someone who is certified knows how to work the particular program inside and out, which in turn means they know how to improve it as well. Companies from Adobe to Apple all have certifications available, so make sure to look into this. It isn’t the end all, be all sign that someone should work on your website, but it is always a nice credential to check into.

The next time you need to boost your website search engine appearance, make sure to find the best SEO reseller for your needs.