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Researching the Internet can be quite rewarding, and then again it can be really bad. That is because there is a ton of bad stuff out there.  You want to learn SEO from people who put out great visual learning tools.

In no field is it worse than in SEO. Specifically, the people writing about search engine optimization know how to rank things. This often means they can rank lower quality information – exactly what Google does NOT want.

Here is some good stuff from some experts in the SEO field:

You can tell from the quality of their YouTube Channel, these guys are a strong SEO reseller.

Learn from a University with a great Internet Marketing reputation. Get solid facts and techniques that will help your clients.

Find a leading SEO blog and if possible, call the SEO expert directly to see if you can chat. There is nothing better than a real conversation with questions and answers.

As you learn from these guys. Try to do your own research and experimentation to make sure what you are hearing is true. Validate everything yourself.

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