4 Ways To Pick An SEO Reseller

Google Algo 2015 05 12Running a website is a nice step for bringing in new clients and online customers, but it no longer is enough. In order to boost the online stronghold and to climb up the search engine ladder, knowing a substantial amount about SEO (search engine optimization) is a must. To do this though, it can take years to completely comprehend what is going on and how small changes on the website can impact the the way other people come in contact with the website. To do this, it is all about seeking out a professional SEO reseller. These resellers can drastically boost search engine appearance and bring in hundreds, if not thousands of more visitors every single month (hundreds of thousands, for the more popular websites). This makes it one of the most worth wild online investments out there. You just need to figure out the best way to select an SEO reseller over the other service providers out there. This is a list of four ways to pick an SEO reseller and make sure you land the best provider for your money.

What Services are Provided?

When talking with a service provider, you need to find out what services are provided. There are some who are going to charge per service while others who just give you a flat rate for everything. You want to go with the individual who does it all. You don’t know what your website needs to boost SEO, and truth be told, your reseller is not going to know what your website needs either. They will have a good idea after going through it, but by then you are already under contract. This means you might end up paying far more to add on certain services and you might never actually truly realize how great your SEO can be unless you have everything done to it that can be done. So, instead of paying for every little service, go with the provider who offers it all and is going to do everything they can to make sure you improve your search engine rank.

Past Clients

Ask about past clients. You want to have contact information with other clients who have used the SEO reseller in the past. This way you can call them up and talk about what sort of improvements were made and how their business improved bad on the assistance the service provider offered up. You can find out if they provided help after they made the initial changes or if they simply cut the company loose and that was it. All of this is important information to find out. If a reseller is not willing to provide you with client information, you need to look elsewhere. They might try to mask it as a client confidentiality agreement sort of thing, but most businesses who receive beneficial services are more than happy to talk about a reseller that helped grow their business. A lack of these kinds of references means they are either just starting out or really don’t have these kinds of references.

Look at the States

Some service providers are going to chime off about reaching the top spot in a search engine result. While this is good, it doesn’t paint out the entire store. Some websites are just not going to reach the top spot and there is nothing that can be done about it. If a news website wants to boost its SEO, chances are it is not going to reach the top search engine spot, but it can drastically boost its SEO and visitor numbers. Plus, an SEO reseller might be helping out a company that already was in the top five and then reached the top spot. This takes minimal changes and so the reseller really is not doing a whole lot to improve it. Instead, looking at total improvements and the percentage of improvement is the best way to determine results.

Certified Service Provider

This is a perk that is nice. It isn’t a must but it shows someone really knows how to work with a particular program. Google provides all sorts of different certifications, and while there isn’t a traditional SEO certification from the company as the company does not let others know about its coding and algorithm practices, it does provide certifications in the programming it offers and even with its mobile operating system. This way, someone who is certified knows how to work the particular program inside and out, which in turn means they know how to improve it as well. Companies from Adobe to Apple all have certifications available, so make sure to look into this. It isn’t the end all, be all sign that someone should work on your website, but it is always a nice credential to check into.

The next time you need to boost your website search engine appearance, make sure to find the best SEO reseller for your needs.

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